Freeman and Lowe’s work represents an alternative timeline of subcultural activities. Central to their parafictional project is a fictional city-state called San San International, which has been the subject of eight installations and three films since 2008. The San San imagines a scenario in which the California coastline from San Diego to San Francisco merges into a single interconnected megapolis. The artists explore a plethora of fictional and historical subjects in their narratives, from rogue science and psychedelic drugs to hypertrophic urbanism. The first chapter of these linked projects is Freeman and Lowe’s installation A Cell in the Smile, a 5000 square foot permanent installation in the form of a bunker buried in an undisclosed location in Ohio. It contains a subterranean complex that is home to a natural history museum, a lab for neuro-biological communication technology, a Cold War think tank, a capsule hotel, a mosaic lounge dedicated to theoretical architecture, and a movie theater. In the artists’ most recent installation, Colony Sound (2019), installed in London and at the Aros Museum in Denmark, they presented “the first communication system built from a flowering bacterial colony.” The space as Freeman and Lowe envisioned it––replete with Cold War mind control experiments, communication devices, and a recording studio––was abandoned and repurposed by a cultural underground.

Freeman and Lowe have been the subject of monographic exhibitions in institutions and presentations including The 9th Taipei Biennale; ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Aarhus, Denmark; MATT Museum ,Lisbon, Portugal;  Winfield House, London, England; Istanbul'74, Istanbul, Turkey; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA. They debuted as a working group with Hello Meth Lab in the Sun (2008), an abandoned meth lab originated at Ballroom Marfa.

Freeman and Lowe’s films The Floating Chain, Scenario in the Shade and Mercury City, comprising the San San trilogy, have been screened internationally.